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Glory to God - an advent poem

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

This poem, written during advent 2022, tells the story from Creation until the coming of Messiah using variations on the angel's announcement in Luke 2:14 as a refrain.

God’s glory in the beginning Shone on his creation Goodness was seen in everything Flawless, pure perfection. Glory from God in the Highest And on earth, a home for those with whom he was pleased. But a serpent, cunning and sly Twisted all that was good “Take, eat the fruit. You will not die! Indeed you’ll be like God!” Glory of God was thus slandered And on earth rejection, with sin he was displeased. Death, pain, and wearying labour Consequence of their deed But also hope for the future: Eve’s serpent-crushing seed Glory of God in that promise And on earth, skins covered those whose sin had displeased As the human line continued The serpent seemed to win Evil increased and God was grieved With his world stained by sin Glory of God in cleansing flood And on earth an ark for one with whom he was pleased. Still sinful hearts craved selfish fame, Babel’s builders boasted But Abram trusted in God’s name Salvation’s tale started. Glory of God in covenant And on earth, blessing to those with whom he was pleased

Now Abraham’s much hoped-for son Walks lamb-like up a hill His burdened father leading on, Wrestling with God’s will Glory of God in provision And on earth, with the ram’s sacrifice, he is pleased So, through the seed of Abraham Nations will be blessèd A substitute, a spotless lamb For all will be provided. Glory to God through obedience And on earth a family with whom he is pleased. That clan became a great nation, Redeemed and given laws Instructed, equipped and chosen, To live for God’s own cause. Glory of God in his commands And on earth Israel shows with what he is pleased. But that beloved nation eloped – Abandoned God’s good way. A faithful remnant prayed and hoped For the Messiah’s day Glory of God through the prophets And on earth, need for one with whom he could be pleased Until was born the longed-for seed Of Eve and Abraham, Good news by angel tongues decreed In fields near Bethlehem Glory to God in the Highest And on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased

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