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Honouring God in every choice

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These resources are free for your personal use although you can donate if you wish to help me keep them free. 

If you wish to use them with groups or in other ways or if you notice any broken links or errors, please contact me.

Wooden Sign

Introducing Ethics

8 pages

Introducing the main schools of ethics and proposing a holistic  biblical approach to good choices

Hand on Bump


44 pages

Exploring early life and family planning issues, including abortion, embryo research, IVF and contraception


End of Life Ethics

12 pages

Exploring issues around the end of life, including assisted dying, euthanasia, and withdrawal of treatment 

Anatomy Drawing

What Does it Mean to Be Human?

42 pages

An enquiry from science, philosophy and Christian theology into the nature of human personhood.

Barefoot Couple

Christian Sexual Ethics

14 pages

Exploring trends and issues in sex and sexuality in light of Scripture and in search of Christian faithfulness


Life as God Intended

27 pages

​Christian explorations into the meaning of health and how to experience it even when healing doesn't happen now

Gender Identity 1.png

Male and Female: A Christian Perspective on Gender Identity

92 pages

Implications of a biblical worldview for questions of gender identity and gender roles contrasted with the wordviews behind and implications of LGBTI activism and Queer Theory

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