Seeking, serving and sharing Christ in faithfulness, love and unity
For me to live is CHRIST and to die is gain (Philippians 1 v21)

 My life isn’t about me - as my life verse, quoted above, says, it’s all about Jesus.  The truth of the gospel of God's grace in Jesus Christ inspires and informs every aspect of my life the Holy Spirit works in me to transform me into His likeness.  


On this page you can read a little of my story, see details of my experience and qualifications, and read a summary of the core biblical truths I believe in and the values I hope guide my service for God.

I was born in 1970s Northern Ireland to Brian and Sylvia Coulter.  I first heard the gospel from them and learned the Bible from many others and my faith grew as I got older despite, or perhaps because of, challenges and questions.  I continue to find the ability of the gospel to diagnose the problems of my heart and to revolutionise my thinking compelling.  I am captivated by the beautiful character of Jesus Christ, His revelation of the grace and truth of God, and His death for my sins and resurrection in victory over death.  I suppose a lifetime is too short to fathom the depths of the realisation that the Son of God loved me and gave Himself for me (Galatians 2 v20).

While I was a studying medicine in Belfast I met Gar-Ling, a Chinese Malaysian girl who shared my Christian faith.  We were married in 2002 and Gar-Ling has since been my truest friend, encourager, advisor and partner.  We live in Lisburn city, Northern Ireland and have two fantastic children, Joseph Cheng-Wen and Hannah Cheng-Mei who fill our lives with joyful discoveries.  For recreation I enjoy reading popular history and science, watching historical dramas, listening to podcasts and cycling. 

Ministry / work experience
Academic Qualifications
  • 2017 - Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching (PGCHET), Queen's University Belfast

  • 2016 - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Divinity, Aberdeen University

  • 2007 - Master of Arts (MA) in Theology, with distinction, University of Wales

  • 2000 - Medical degrees (MB, BCh, BAO), with distinction, Queen's University Belfast

  • 1997 - Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Medical Genetics, with first class honours, Queen's University Belfast

Other current ministry involvements

I aim to serve God shaped by  three commitments:​

  • Faithfulness - to glorify Christ in every opportunity He gives and to be true to the divinely inspired Scriptures.​

  • Love - to serve others sincerely with the love Christ has shown me so I convey grace as well as truth.​

  • Unity - to promote unity under Christ's Lordship, in the gospel by the Spirit’s power.

Core beliefs

I subscribe to the core historic beliefs of the Christian faith derived from Scripture and summarised in statements like the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed and the Statement of Faith of the World Evangelical Alliance. My own summary of these beliefs follows:

  • God, three in one, Father, Son, and Spirit, eternally existent creator of all, sovereign over all, and ultimate restorer of all things, glorious in truth and holiness, love and faithfulness.

  • Human beings, descended from Adam, created male and female in God’s image and loved by God, but fallen in sin, facing God's wrath and justice, deserving condemnation to death and the punishment of Hell, and hopeless without God's salvation.

  • Holy Scripture, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, God’s self-revelation breathed out and recorded by people in words as the Spirit guided them through which God rules and guides God's people, entirely true and trustworthy and authoritative for our beliefs and behaviour.

  • Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary, the fulfilment of  God's promises to Abraham, fully human and fully God, lived a sinless life, was crucified for our sins, rose from the dead in a glorified body, ascended to His Father's side, where He is enthroned as Lord over all, and will return again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

  • Salvation, God’s gracious gift to human beings of forgiveness of sins, deliverance from death, inclusion among God's people, the empowerment for a transformed life, and participation in God's glorious future on the sole basis of Christ’s atoning death as our substitute, bearing God's wrath in our place, received through faith alone.

  • The Holy Spirit, fully God, sent to regenerate all who trust in Christ and to make a permanent home in their lives, to form them into one people of God, to equip and empower them to do God's work and serve together in for God’s mission in the world, and to produce Christ-like character in them individually and corporately.

  • The Church, the body of Christ, one in the Spirit and called to grow towards Christ-like unity in the faith entrusted to all God's people by Christ's apostles who are its foundation, to continue Jesus’ mission of demonstrating and declaring the good news of God’s rule made present in Jesus Christ, and to be the present manifestation of the new creation in which God's people will live eternally.

© 2020, Dr Paul B Coulter

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