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Pray that I will truly seek, serve and share Christ as I engage in four kinds of ministry through my involvement in two main organisations.

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  • Seminars on leadership and pastoral care themes

  • Mentoring and pastoral support for leaders

  • Consultancy with church leaders and leadership teams

Enquire through the Living Leadership website or contact me

  • Talks and seminars training Christians on ethical issues and apologetics subjects

  • Evangelistic talks and seminars with Q&A for sceptics

  • Comment to media on contemporary issues from an informed Christian perspective

  • Consultancy with church leaders on policies relating to ethical issues

Enquire through the Christianity in Society website or contact me

Bible Teaching

Expository preaching for 20-50 minutes in Sunday Services, mid-week meetings or weekends in churches and conferences. 

Textual (based on a passage) or thematic (focused on a subject) expository approach. 

All ages or specific groups.

I will always aim to be Christ-centred, Bible-based and practically applied. 

I will respect the distinctives of all churches and traditions committed to the gospel.


Addressing hot topics with believers and sceptics through teaching, interaction and Q&A in sessions of 40-90 minutes.

Apologetics, ethics, mission and theology.

Subjects covered include:​​​

  • Abortion and contraception

  • Gender identity

  • Sex and sexuality

  • Death and dying

  • Pastoral issues

  • Bible study

  • Creation / Evolution


Courses (4-6 sessions of 1.5 to 2.5 hours) or one-off sessions for churches, ministry teams and leadership teams.

Titles and subjects include:

  • First Steps in the Faith (for new believers)

  • Finding Straight Paths (making godly choices)

  • Introducing Apologetics

  • Gospel-Shaped Pastoral Care

  • Bible in Widescreen (an overview of the big story)

  • Small Group leadership


Private meetings with leaders of churches and Christian organisations, individually or in teams to provide advice and help clarify thinking.

In particular, I have helped churches think through pastoral responses to ethical issues and complex pastoral issues. 

I can also assist with biblically-informed thinking on strategies for evangelism, ministry development and mission.

To request me for any of the above ministry activities or if you would like to support me through prayer or financially, please contact me

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