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Bible Teaching

Applying Scripture faithfully

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These resources are free for your personal use although you can donate if you wish to help me keep them free. 

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Restless Wonderer Podcast
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Returning, Repenting, Rebuilding:

    Studies in the Post-Exilic Old Testament Scriptures

Date: 2012 Pages: 30

Content: Studies showing how the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Zechariah and Haggai together tell the story of God's people after their return from exile in Babylon

Jesus Fulfils the Law:

    A Study in Matthew 5:17-48

Date: 2008 Pages: 19

Content: An exploration of the nature of the Old Testament Law, the meaning of Jesus' statement that He came to fulfil it and its relevance to Christians today.

The Parables of Jesus

Date: 2011 Pages: 28

Content: An introduction to the parables and their interpretation followed by several worked examples

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