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Church & Mission

A people with a purpose

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These resources are free for your personal use although you can donate if you wish to help me keep them free. 

If you wish to use them with groups or in other ways or if you notice any broken links or errors, please contact me.

Black Chess Pieces

Declaring and Demonstrating God's Saving Rule

15 pages

​Exploring the relationship between social action and evangelism in Christian mission

London City

Challenges to the Gospel in a Secular World

10 pages

​A proposal for gospel serving, speaking, shaping and suffering in response to secular, post-Christian contexts


Praise in the Local Church

3 pages

​Encouraging whole-life worship and proposing practical ideas for sung praise in churches


Maintenance or Mission?

23 pages

​Biblical and historical perspectives and practical proposals for being the Church shaped by mission (missional)

Church Interior

The Emerging Church

4 pages

Charting the contours of the emerging church movement and asking important questions about its direction


Servant Leaders or Leading Servants?

5 pages

​A call for faithful servants who will take up responsibility for leading God's people under Christ


Church Leadership

28 pages

Summarising biblical principles on leadership in the Church and proposing how they might be applied in practice

men and women.jpg

An exegesis of 1 Timothy 2 v 11-15

15 pages

​A detailed study of one of the key passages about the role of women in the church


On the Use of Images in Devotion

5 pages

Historical and biblical perspectives on using images of Christ in Christian worship

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