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Might and Right (poem)

Many doubt the mighty,

Suspecting those above

And all authority,

Not knowing perfect love.

Hearts reject submission

For fear of dire abuse,

But, without direction,

Who decides might’s right use?

Eternally unchanged,

God is undiminished.

Only to we, estranged,

Justice appears vanished.

But right and might are wed

In heaven’s gracious reign.

Friday declared them dead;

Sunday they live again.

What seemed empty dreaming,

We now see always stood.

Power, not corrupting,

But wielded all for good.

So, we are confronted:

“Surrender to this word!”

Our pride is affronted

That Jesus Christ is … LORD!

Of all or not at all,

In everything or none.

All middle ground will fall,

Before God’s well-loved Son.

Servant once, servant still

Yet over all enthroned.

By providence’s will

For good all things are honed.

Good not just in God’s tome

But written now within

In faith-filled hearts at home

Spirit-filled, dead to sin.

Over all emotions

Pursuits, plans and passions

Through the body’s motions,

Ideas, words and actions.

Not forcing or driving

Though mighty beyond measure,

But wooing and leading

Into his own pleasure.

God within and above

Until faith turns to sight

May I grow into love

Thus may my might be right.

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