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Trust in the moment

Sometimes – like yesterday when I tried to explain to my children that the next solar eclipse won’t be until they are adults – I am reminded powerfully of the transitory nature of life. We are born and we die and we seek meaning in the shadow of the awareness of our inevitable coming demise.

Then I begin to wonder why it should be this way, or, perhaps more accurately, I wonder why I should care. Why does death seem like such an enemy? The answer Scripture gives is that we were made not for death, but for eternal life with God. In light of the gospel, my confidence of the future resurrection and life with Christ gives me a certain hope that my own death will only be a transition to a richer life with Christ, but that knowledge doesn’t automatically infuse my days with purpose. When I look at my children I see that they are carefree. Death seems a long way away – even tomorrow seems a long time away. Each moment is all that matters. It reminds me of Jesus telling his disciples that to enter God’s Kingdom they needed to become like little children (Matthew 18: 3). A trust in the Father that takes one day at a time, rejoices in life as His gift in the moment, and doesn’t worry about the days to come – this is exactly the kind of attitude that the believer in Jesus, who realises that His incarnation demonstrates the reality of God’s reign, ought to have (Matthew 6:34). I have been a follower of Jesus for around 30 years and for at least 25 of those years I have understood my identity primarily as a Christ-follower, yet I seem to be no closer to learning this lesson that I was when I first began. But then, perhaps, that is the nature of this lesson – it can only be learned one day at a time. So thank you, Lord, that today is a new day, a new opportunity to learn to trust in Your faithfulness and constant provision, a new day of seeking first Your kingdom and Your righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

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