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Scattered Serpents: A Patrick’s Day Poem

17th March 2023

They say he scattered serpents,

Patrick man of God.

Richer tale than science tells,

Of broken land bridge,

Figuring the breaking of

Demons’ grip on Ireland.

Island strangely serpentless

Freed from deception

Through Patrick’s declaration

Christ in ev’ry ear

Through churches he established

Christ to ev’ry eye.

Not in Patrick was the might

That scattered serpents

But in One he bound to him

His breastplate and strength.

Timeless One and limitless,

Word who speaks life still.

He crushed the serpent master,

Jesus, Son of God.

Bruised to heal, cursed to break curse,

Better Word made sure

By return from death’s domain

And to Father’s side.

Once-freed isle now slips back to

Serpent-whispered lies

Lives ensnared by what seemed gone

Scattered not banished

Salty words and deeds of light

Merely held them back.

The promise is far greater

Soon the God of peace

Will crush the serpent master

Neath his people’s feet.

This dark Ireland’s lasting hope

For this our longing.

Influences – St Patrick’s Breastplate, Genesis 3:15, Romans 16:20

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